Latitude 53 Incubator Show

Having a small show as part of the Incubator series for Latitude 53 gallery tomorrow. Join me for my artist talk at 7:30pm. Details below:

104 street at Twilight

Despite the rainy and windy conditions at the Al Fresco block party yesterday I was able to finish my stencil! Here is the finished product. If you’d like to purchase the piece, you can do so by bidding on it at the Devine Wines auction page (item #82). The auction ends on June 16th so get your bids in!


Back at It

Sorry for the lack of updates. It sure has been awhile since my last post. To be honest I took a small break from the art stuff for awhile there. But I’m back at it again. Brought out the old point and shoot camera for some shots of 104th street promenade which I will be stencilling live at this year’s annual Al Fresco block party in support of the Zebra Child Protection Centre.

Here’s a couple of nice shots I got…

if you’d like to bid on my art please visit the DeVine Wines auction page :

more updates coming soon!

Stenciling the 15 foot Corso 32 Pig

I recently had the pleasure of working with a local restaurant (Corso32) on a mural project. The owner and good friend of mine, Daniel Costa, wanted a design that would reflect the high-quality, yet simple and wholesome nature of the food he serves, as well as being in line with the already existing decor and theme of his restaurant. After some talk, Daniel decided on an animal: the pig.

Here are some initial concept sketches that I drew for Daniel. Daniel can be a picky guy (which is good), so we went back and forth several times until we came up with the perfect rendition of what he wanted.

too realistic…

Initially we were to keep the sliding panel that would overlay with the cuts of the pig. We decided to scrap that idea and remove the panel entirely.

this one is no good either. too simple..

This one is close. But we decided to change the naming to Italian and spread out the words to fill the entire wall

That’s the one!

I enlarged it to the appropriate size. BIG

All the Italian words needed to be stenciled individually as well. I chose Times Roman for the font to keep in line with the simple, classy feel of his restaurant.

After the stencils were cut, it’s time to paint. It was a late one. We started at midnight and went till about 3:30am..

Daniel was pretty excited.

I even got him to help!

After awhile, it turned into a party. The entire staff showed up! But I had to maintain my professionalism despite the staff watching intently, the loud music and the laughter that was going on. In order to ease my nerves, I had only one option. I got drunk of course! Big thank you to Daniel’s fiance Megan for driving my car home!

There he is! Turned out pretty good. If you haven’t been to the restaurant yet, go check it out. It’s one of the better spots in town for sure. And if you happen to see porky in person, let me know what you think!

Special thanks to Daniel, Ben, Chris, Megan, Allan and the rest of the Corso 32 crew for making it a memorable experience for me.

-Dan aka Danskee

Danskee for E4C Lunches For Inner City Schools Program




EDIT: so i just realized that the bidding is closed now for all the items. So whoever bought my piece, thank you!

This year I decided to once again lend my time and artistic talent in support of the local E4C program. The E4C program is dedicated to providing healthy lunches to inner city school kids. For many of the kids, this is their one good meal of the day. It’s a great cause and I’m glad to be a part of it again this year.

The piece was done yesterday at the annual AlFresco block party (which I’m still recovering from haha) and is now available up for silent auction on the devine wines website (see the auction link) :

So this is a good chance to get one of my pieces for cheap and also to support a great local cause!

Art for Sale and The Common (Desaturated 2) Re-cap

Sorry it’s taken me this long to post a re-cap of my last show. The night went really well though and thank you to everyone that came out to support. It got pretty busy so I’m sorry if I didn’t get around to talking to everyone. I don’t have any pictures of the actual night unfortunately. Mostly because I got pretty drunk and wasn’t carrying around a camera. But I did manage to return and snap a few shots. There are still a couple of pieces for sale and all proceeds will still go to Japan earthquake relief so if you are interested in something you can give me an email at  The ones that say SOLD are obviously not available. Click into the photos to enlarge. THANKS!

‘Straight Up’ -2011
Spraypaint on canvas. 48″ x 60″
$2200 – FOR SALE

‘Stacked’ – 2011
Spraypaint on canvas. 46″ x 60″
$3200 – SOLD

‘Desaturated’ – 2011
Spraypaint on canvas. 43″ x 70″
$2100 – FOR SALE

‘Desaturated 2’ – 2011
Spraypaint on canvas. 96″ x 48″
$4200 – SOLD

‘All of the Lights’ – 2011
Spraypaint and LED lighting on canvas. 48″ x 60″
$1800 – SOLD

Thanks for looking!

Desaturated 2 Exhibition Starts March 18, 2011


I’ve decided that 100 PERCENT of sales of my art this Friday will be donated to the Japanese tsunami relief effort. Yep, ALL OF IT. By making a donation to the Japanese Red Cross or another suitable organization and showing me the receipt, you can take home a piece of my art and feel good about it too!

My new exhibition open next Friday, March 18th, 2011 at The Common (10124 124 st, Edmonton). I’ve been grinding away pretty hard in the studio for the last few months. Working on some new abstract pieces. Still done with stencils though believe it or not. Will post some step-by-steps later on. But for now check out a small preview for the show below. (apologies for the iphone pics)

See you guys next Friday!


Profile Edmonton Magazine Feature

(click to enlarge)

Big thank you to Profile Edmonton Magazine for featuring me in their latest November issue. Available at newstands in the Edmonton area now!

More Charity Work

I want to talk about charity work for a moment. This past year I’ve dedicated a considerable amount of time and artwork to charities that have asked for my help. I think it’s important to take some time out every once in awhile and realize how good we actually have it. No matter how broke you may think you are, or how disadvantaged you think you may be, there is ALWAYS someone who’s got it worse and could use a helping hand. Trust me, they will appreciate it. Pick some causes you feel are worthy and think of ways you can contribute. It doesn’t have to be monetary either. There are many ways to get involved such as lending your talents like in my case. Or even volunteering. To be honest, I used to dislike giving away paintings. Some of these pieces I’ve spent dozens, even hundreds, of hours on! But when I think about how many lunches for inner city kids (Edmonton E4C lunch program) the sale of 1 painting could buy, or how it could make a difference in stopping domestic violence for even just 1 family (hope for healing), then it all becomes worth it. Sounds corny, but it really does give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Give it a try.

Congrats to Tawnya Franklin for winning the silent auction for my latest “Turn back” piece.

She won it at the latest Hope for Healing charity auction last week (October 23, 2010). For more information on this Charity you can visit their website at

I believe it’s an annual event now, so if you want to donate or get involved next year just hit them up on their website.


ps. I’ll try and post ahead of time about any upcoming charity artwork. For those of you who’ve always wanted a painting but couldn’t quite afford it, bidding in these silent auctions is a great way to snag a piece on the cheap!

How to Build a Hanging Clothing Rack with $20 worth of Home Depot Supplies

I recently moved to a new loft in downtown Edmonton. The building itself is an old historic warehouse building on 104street. The space is great with exposed brick on most of the walls. However, my actual bedroom had no closet in it! So what’s a guy to do? If you’re anything like me, you like little do-it-yourself projects. So, I decided to build myself a hanging clothing rack. I Literally spent $20 on home depot supplies (excluding the tools, which I already have). I’ve had lots of compliments on it, and a few people have asked me how I built it. So this is for them.

You’re going to need…

1 inch electrical tubing (bigger if you are going anything more than 5 feet long)
2 steel rods (3/8ths of an inch)

Hanger screws

drill bits

A drill…

And a stud finder (very important!)

First, you’re going to use the stud finder and run it along your ceiling to find your studs. These will generally be 16 inches apart, but depending on how or when your house was built could be 18 or even 24 inches apart. Once you’ve found your studs then you determine the length of your rack.

Drill the hanger screws directly into the studs.. like so..(tighten them with a wrench afterwards)

next insert one end of one of your steel rods. This should be cut to length already. It will depend on the height of your ceiling and how tall or short you are, but probably around 4 feet is good. It should twist in easily. Don’t force it or you’ll strip the thread..

Now take your electrical tubing and pre-drill a guide hole using a small drill bit..

Now take a 1/2 in drill bit and drill right through both sides of your electrical tubing.

Take a single nut and thread it onto your already hanging steel rod. (About 2 inches from the bottom). Now slide the steel rod through the hole you just drilled in the electrical tubing. Fasten the bottom with another nut.

Boom! You’re done.

Here’s how it looks with some clothes on it…

If you decide to build your own, let me know how it goes? Or feel free to contact me ( with any questions.



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