How to Build a Hanging Clothing Rack with $20 worth of Home Depot Supplies

I recently moved to a new loft in downtown Edmonton. The building itself is an old historic warehouse building on 104street. The space is great with exposed brick on most of the walls. However, my actual bedroom had no closet in it! So what’s a guy to do? If you’re anything like me, you like little do-it-yourself projects. So, I decided to build myself a hanging clothing rack. I Literally spent $20 on home depot supplies (excluding the tools, which I already have). I’ve had lots of compliments on it, and a few people have asked me how I built it. So this is for them.

You’re going to need…

1 inch electrical tubing (bigger if you are going anything more than 5 feet long)
2 steel rods (3/8ths of an inch)

Hanger screws

drill bits

A drill…

And a stud finder (very important!)

First, you’re going to use the stud finder and run it along your ceiling to find your studs. These will generally be 16 inches apart, but depending on how or when your house was built could be 18 or even 24 inches apart. Once you’ve found your studs then you determine the length of your rack.

Drill the hanger screws directly into the studs.. like so..(tighten them with a wrench afterwards)

next insert one end of one of your steel rods. This should be cut to length already. It will depend on the height of your ceiling and how tall or short you are, but probably around 4 feet is good. It should twist in easily. Don’t force it or you’ll strip the thread..

Now take your electrical tubing and pre-drill a guide hole using a small drill bit..

Now take a 1/2 in drill bit and drill right through both sides of your electrical tubing.

Take a single nut and thread it onto your already hanging steel rod. (About 2 inches from the bottom). Now slide the steel rod through the hole you just drilled in the electrical tubing. Fasten the bottom with another nut.

Boom! You’re done.

Here’s how it looks with some clothes on it…

If you decide to build your own, let me know how it goes? Or feel free to contact me ( with any questions.


8 thoughts on “How to Build a Hanging Clothing Rack with $20 worth of Home Depot Supplies

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  2. This looks amazing, im looking to do the same thing but i have ALOT of clothes, how strong do you think it is? i could do two seperate ones.

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