More Charity Work

I want to talk about charity work for a moment. This past year I’ve dedicated a considerable amount of time and artwork to charities that have asked for my help. I think it’s important to take some time out every once in awhile and realize how good we actually have it. No matter how broke you may think you are, or how disadvantaged you think you may be, there is ALWAYS someone who’s got it worse and could use a helping hand. Trust me, they will appreciate it. Pick some causes you feel are worthy and think of ways you can contribute. It doesn’t have to be monetary either. There are many ways to get involved such as lending your talents like in my case. Or even volunteering. To be honest, I used to dislike giving away paintings. Some of these pieces I’ve spent dozens, even hundreds, of hours on! But when I think about how many lunches for inner city kids (Edmonton E4C lunch program) the sale of 1 painting could buy, or how it could make a difference in stopping domestic violence for even just 1 family (hope for healing), then it all becomes worth it. Sounds corny, but it really does give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Give it a try.

Congrats to Tawnya Franklin for winning the silent auction for my latest “Turn back” piece.

She won it at the latest Hope for Healing charity auction last week (October 23, 2010). For more information on this Charity you can visit their website at

I believe it’s an annual event now, so if you want to donate or get involved next year just hit them up on their website.


ps. I’ll try and post ahead of time about any upcoming charity artwork. For those of you who’ve always wanted a painting but couldn’t quite afford it, bidding in these silent auctions is a great way to snag a piece on the cheap!

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